Sunday, February 24, 2008

Business Communication Situation #1

Business Situation #1:
You are a R&D product leader in medium size software company. Your project group is working on new software that includes several new features. Your group has been working on this product for last 9 months. You are ready to launch a beta test to with customers. You are asked from a project manger to use Web 2.0 related communication tool to find out how the beta test is going.

How do you plan to effectively use Web 2.0 to communicate with customers. What kind of Web 2.0 tools do you recommend to your group to use so that your company can collect right data and be able to finish new software in next two more months.

Please post a few short paragraphs of why you would choose particular tool in this situation. Please also list what specific tools do you use to communicate.

You can use Web 2.0 related resources on the right links for your resources.


Blake said...

I think that the best tool the world wide web has to offer is the discussion board. Discussion boards are a treasure trove of information easily accessible, searchable, and customizable. These features alone make them a powerful tool in getting feedback from a community, as well as spreading information about a certain topic. Discussion boards are valuable assets to any website and help facilitate the birth of new ideas.

mark strosahl said...

The web 2.0 tools available are not all worth using. Choosing the "necessary" tools, by today's growing standards may seem trivial but is important. Discussion boards and search bars are common in todays web 2.0 sites.

Karly said...

I have found that both of these comments are worth while. Discussion boards have their place for expanding on information in question as do many other Web 2.0 tools. The question stands is the tool a great fit for the communication that is needed for the business transaction/discussion happening? If there is something that would be a better fit and more conducive to efficiency, then another view must be considered.